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Jerm's Joint endorses these fine folks for all of the swag available here at the bar!

Shirt, Pens, Hats, Bumper Stickers, You Name It!

All of your screen printing needs. These people will put your design on anything! Tell the fine folks at Monkey In A Dryer that Jerm sent you!

Sticker Junkie, where you can be cheap, creative, and still get a good bumper sticker!

Customized Pens at a reasonable price! Pen Impressions!

Design your own high-quality hat at Lids!

From buisiness cards to ALL your stationary needs, check out Vista Print for awesome prices!

These folks will custom embroider ANYTHING to your liking. Check out University Fashions!

If we get enough interest here at Jerm's Joint, we may be able to start stock piling these items for orders.  If you are interested in some of our gear, hit the "contact" link and drop us a line!  We'll compile a list of folks who would like some swag.  If we get enough feedback, we will consider processing orders.