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This is our drivers page.  We are primarily DEI and RCR followers at the Joint, but occasionally let a few Ford fans slip in.  You WON'T find any Toyota  drivers here, and only because Jr. is going to Hend(p)rick will there be any mention of that team here I guarantee!


Birthdate and Place: April 29, Kannapolis, NC
Height and Weight:  6'1", 200lbs

Career Highlights: 676 career starts, 23 poles, 76 wins, 7 championships, $42million in career earnings, need I say more?

Why He's My Favorite:  He's the man!  Dale Earnhardt is what helped maintain the "bad boy" image of NASCAR and built it to the sport it is today.  The Intimidator holds a special place at Jerm's Joint as our displays at the bar show.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Birthdate and Place: October 10, 1974 Condord, NC

Height and Weight: 6'0 175 lbs

Career Highlights: 2 Busch Series Championships, 17 carrer victories, 2003 Bud Shootout winer, 2004 Daytona 500 winner (Jim and I were there for that one!) among many others.

Why He's My Favorite:  Much like his old man, he's a humble, down to earth, "for the working class man" type of driver.  His celebrity doesn't over take his decision making abilities, he drives for Mountain Dew now, and let's face it, kicks ass!  Also, a major part of our racing decour at Jerm's Joint!

Tell us who your favorite driver is and why.  However, if it's any of the Hend(p)rick drivers, (with the exception of Dale Jr.) you will be forever banned to the F.A.G closet!